Teaching yoga worldwide to adults and children

Adult Yoga

lightbodY’s adult yoga is practiced with ‘gentleness’ and ‘adaptability’. These classes are a great place for those who just want to take it slower, are a beginner to advanced level, or want to work on breathing while listening to their inner guidance. With the combination of postures (asanas) with conscious breathing (pranayama) while developing flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and mental clarity; students can expect to develop body awareness and explore alignment of bones and joints to the varied postures while using blocks and a strap. Think of postures (asanas) as maintenance for the body, mind, and soul in a peaceful, safe, and relaxed environment.

lightbodY’s vision is to get people to SHINE from within and realize life is more than what your eyes are seeing, more than our ears hear, more than our mouth speaks and tastes, more than our nose smells, and more than our body feels.  Start now to enjoy the body, mind, and soul you’ve been given.